Hexagon Lodge 1st Degree

New year, new resolutions, our first visit is going to be Hexagon Lodge 1st Degree, over in Rochester on Wednesday 8th February at 6:30.
Dining is £16.50 and the DIning Steward is Bro M Welch 01634 232278 no later than Friday before meeting.

That’s the boring bit out the way, now this is a friendly lodge, and I am looking forward to visiting. Let me make clear, Light Blues are advertising, but this is open to everyone, but particularly Entered Apprentices so that you can see what has gone on, With the other light blues in attendance (check their lapel pin) we will be happy to sit and quietly talk about what is happening and why, making this so much more. This is a great opportunity to check the symbology of the lodge in a friendly environment, with a great way to learn amongst friends and brothers. I would love to see the visitors up for this., Dont forget to ask the steward if you can sit with the light blues, who will make an effort to sit us together. That’s not too important, we will introduce you around anyway.

Im in and hope you will be too. I will have lapel pins to buy should you want one, £5, we only ask that you are enthusiastic about your masonry. The money goes towards paying for the pins and creating a social fund, to make booking events easier, any profits after that will go to masonic causes such as TLC and Cornwallis.


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