The Bristolians working a 1st Degree in Berkshire

By now, most of you will be aware how impressed I am with the Bristolian workings. I am pleased to say that we have space for the Bristolians working a 1st Degree in Berkshire again, with our Friends in the Light Blues Club over there. It was such a shame that we were not better represented last time, as the offer is always to match our delegation with a visit back.

Anyway, for those who dont know, The Bristolians, geographically evolved in isolation from the rest of the country and kept the original form of ritual with barely any changes. It is always impressive and meaningful and full of symbology. I have been impressed with the numbers involved in their ritual. This meeting is held in Sindlesham, Berkshire on 22nd April 2017 starting at 4pm and tickets are £27.50. I am going to be there and I would love for a reasonable party from across the province to attend. Last meeting, I believe there were 450 people, which is an awesome spectacle to behold.

We have to be quick because places go really fast.

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