The Light Blues Brothers came from an idea, put forward from our very own Justin Fuller, it came to pass, through his efforts together with David Flemming and Ian Burrell. Very much on an informal basis, it brought masons together outside of lodges. Given the adhoc nature of meetups, the attendance was low, and enthusiasm can quickly wane under those circumstances.

With many discussions and meetings it was suggested that we might formalise a committee and set out aims and directives that would move us further forward to where we would like to be.

The committee consists of masons and has a number of provincial officers who can advise and help as we go. Our plan is to arrange events etc through January to November leaving December free, being a busy time for everyone. This gives us a wide reach. We want to build up a large email collection of people we can call on or send out information to.

We are interested to hear from Lodges that may have a good reason for a visit from a party of Light Blues, or for attendance at your social functions. Whilst we will consider all applications, we cannot guarantee to visit anyone. Please email us with the subject line visit my lodge.

Current Active Board Members are:
Paul Ricketts Chairman/Secretary
Dave Biggs – Treasurer
Dave Claughton
Justin Fuller

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